Equine hoof care services in Rotherham, South Yorkshire

I provide a prompt and reliable farrier service to all of my clients, arriving wherever and whenever I'm needed.
I can shoe horses and ponies with hoof injuries and diseases and can provide a remedial clinic service.

The farrier services I provide include:

  • Horse and pony shoeing
  • Corrective shoeing
  • Hoof trimming
  • Racing and training shoes fitted
  • Remedial treatments for injured and diseased hooves
My mobile farrier services are available throughout South Yorkshire.
Horses and ponies - Rotherham, South Yorkshire - Luke McVeigh - Farrier
Professional and reliable farrier services - Rotherham, South Yorkshire - Luke McVeigh - Farrier
Does your horse have injured hooves? Call me today on
07792 626 986 for some equine remedial treatments.
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